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2009 Pinewood Derby event

posted Mar 10, 2009, 11:15 PM by Webmaster Queen Anne Cub Scouts   [ updated Mar 10, 2009, 11:22 PM ]
Congratulations to all the participants in the 2009 Pinewood Derby event today!

The new track purchased through the scouts' popcorn selling efforts made a fabulous debut!! Each participating scout, sibling and parent built incredible cars - it was very fun and exciting to cheer for each and every one of them. For the Pack derby history records, here are the award highlights.

Pack 70/72 Pinewood Derby Speed Racing Winners by Heat:
Tigers - First Heat:  1st place: Owen Coutts; 2nd place: Evan Baserman; 3rd place: Spencer Hoselton
Tigers - Second Heat:  1st place: Gabe Holmquist; 2nd place: Zach Yenter; 3rd place: Emmett McFarland
Wolves - First Heat:  1st place: Anders Charlton; 2nd place: Andrew Kamemoto; 3rd place: Fletcher Anderson
Wolves - Second Heat:  1st place: Hunter Hoye; 2nd place (tie): Finn Sabol & Nate Wooten; 3rd place: Noah Barta
Bears:  1st place: Clayton Hollobaugh; 2nd place: Andrew Hogan; 3rd place: Adam Paganelli
Webelos 1: 1st place: Jack Kelly; 2nd place: Connor Garrett; 3rd place: Jack Wiley
Webelos 2 -- Dragons: 1st place: Cameron Grane; 2nd place: Ian Rice; 3rd place: Owen England
Siblings:  1st place:  Lena Charlton (Wolf sibling); 2nd place: Mari Kamemoto (Wolf sibling); 3rd place: Parker Cole (Wolf Sibling)
Parents:  1st place: Dave Rice (Dragon den assistant); 2nd place: Kristie Garrett (Webelos 1 & Tiger parent); 3rd place: Dan Holmquist (Tiger Den Leader)

Top Racing Winners for the Overall Pack (run-off of top racers from each heat):  1st place: Anders Charlton; 2nd place: Cameron Grane; 3rd place: Gabe Holmquist; 4th place: Hunter Hoye; 5th place: Owen Coutts; 6th place: Clayton Hollobaugh; 7th place: Jack Kelly

Best in Show for the Pack for Car Design:  1st place: Nate Wooten (Wolf); 2nd place: Ben Asher (Dragon); 3rd place Elijah Taylor (Wolf); 4th place (tie): Jeff Cropp (Wolf) & Adam Paganelli (Bear); Honorable Mentions: Michael Gueswel, Denver Turner, Jackson Wissing, and Zachary Yenter

Selected for district race: The line-up of scouts who, based on the speed run-off of top racers, have earned the opportunity to represent their den in the District race Saturday, May 9th:  Cameron Grane, Jack Kelly, Clayton Hollobaugh, Anders Charlton and Gabe Holmquist.

If you have photos to share, we hope you will do so by posting them to our website by contacting Martin Winter, our current webmaster, at  And, if you have any specific feedback on the event please forward it directly to me ( or Jim Grane (

Finally, a GIANT thank you to our line-up of volunteers for all their efforts to make the Pinewood Derby come together:  Jim Grane(!), Diane Yuen, Garrett Baserman, Louisa Clayton, Kelly Charlton, Stan Barta, Derek Kamemoto, Denise Derr, Geoff Hoye, Audrey Kamemoto, Dan Holmquist, Larry
Garrett, Tara Hollins, Carolyn Grane, Gretchen Rice, Dave Asher, Lee Eggebroten, and the Boy Scouts of Troop 70 and Troop 72 (my apologies if we missed someone!).

Watch for an article about the Derby in the upcoming Queen Anne News! Again, congratulations and thank you to all the scouts and their families.

Valerie Paganelli
On Behalf of Queen Anne Cub Scouts