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High Adventure Camp

Welcome to the Webelos High Adventure webpage. This dynamic page includes all of the current plans and information about our upcoming event. Everything the you need to know about camp should be right here

Things To Do Now to Get Ready

  • get your Health & Medical Records in (see below)
  • complete Fitness badge requirements 3 and 4 (see below)
  • complete Youth Protection Training (see below)
  • Submit your uniform size (see below)


Email any questions you have to

Comments and Suggestions

Email any comments or suggestions you have to

Meeting, Getting There and Getting Back

Meeting Time and Place: We’ve decided to meet at Top Pot at 7:00. Scouts should wear their new rust-colored Pack tee shirts on Thursday.  

Carpooling: We should carpool down to Camp Sheppard. Please let me know if you would rather be a rider or a driver, and how many you can fit in your vehicle.
Return: We’ll return in the late afternoon on Sunday. 

Goals and Aims

  • Build self-confidence, independence, self-reliance, self-discipline and personal responsibility by coaching the boys to successfully plan and carry out activities on their own,
  • Continue to develop bonding and relationships between the boys,
  • Present the boys with opportunities to discover and display their talents,
  • Expose the boys to new things and foster new interests,
  • Introduce the boys to new camping and outdoor skills,
  • Help the boys to complete their Webelos Badge requirements and recognize their achievements.

Health and Medical

Please make plans to complete Parts A, B and C of the BSA Health and Medical Record. The form can be downloaded from any of the following links. The easiest way to get them to me and the best way to avoid losing them is to scan and email them, if you have those resources.

Webelos Badge Requirements

One of the things we’ll do at camp is finish up outstanding requirements for earning the Webelos Badge. Some of the requirements that we can’t do there, and that the Scouts will need to complete ahead of time are the meal planning requirements from the Fitness badge (requirements 3 and 4 on page 246) and the requirement to read pages 1 to 22 of the Webelos handbook (requirement 1 on page 49). Please complete these before coming to camp, if you haven’t already.

Webelos Badge Recognition

All boys who complete their Webelos badge requirements will be recognized at a ceremony at our Saturday campfire.  In continuing with a Pack tradition, the Scouts will be presented their khaki uniform shirt as part of this recognition.  As we have discussed, the Pack does not have a budget for the shirt, so the den will purchase the shirts and award them, but we will need to get reimbursed from the parents.  Please email me your son's shirt size and get me a check for $27.50 made out to Pack 70/72.












Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training is a course that defines BSA’s Youth Protection policies and develops an increased awareness of Youth Protection issues. All of our den’s leaders and many parents have completed the course, which takes about 30 minutes online. I would like to ask all of the adults that are coming to camp with us to take the course online so that we all share the same understanding of the youth protection guidelines that we are trying to follow. The course can be accessed at


comming soon

What to Bring

Check out the Gear List for a list of things to bring to camp.  A few important items that are new to this year's camp experience are a compass and a mess kit.
In addition to the items in the gear list, bring work gloves if you have them. We’ll be doing a conservation project and the camp administrator suggested gloves.

Use of Camp Sheppard Facilities

comming soon

Volunteer Opportunities

Over the next couple of days we could use some parent volunteer help.  
  • Organize a phone tree on Tuesday evening to get all of the boys’ uniform shirt sizes and to remind parents about pertinent camp info.
  • Make a Costco run on Wednesday to purchase bulk foods
  • Make a Fred Meyer run on Wednesday to purchase the balance of our food
  • Make a Scout Shop run on Wednesday to drop off a check for the camp rental and pick up khaki uniform shirts and Webelos badges.
  • Collect reimbursement checks from parents for khaki uniform shirts.
  • Make a run to Edmonds to pick up camp Tee Shirts
Please email me if you are available to take on any of these tasks. 

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Directions to Camp Sheppard

Health & Medical Record form

Participants Roster (coming soon)

Gear List

Camp Schedule (coming soon)

Menu Plan

Duty Roster (coming soon)


Comments and Suggestions




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