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Webelos 1 Den Meeting Role Responsibilities

-Arrive early, by 6:50
-Greet each and every scout/parent/sibling, by name, that attends the meeting
-Have each scout sign the attendance sheet and drop dues in the Dues can
Lead Opening
-Lead the pledge of allegiance
Pledge of Allegiance
Reciter of Scout Oath -
-Recite and explain the Boy Scout Oath
Boy Scout Oath

Reciter of Scout Law -
-Recite and explain the Boy Scout Law
Boy Scout Law

Reciter of Scout Motto -
-Recite and explain the Boy Scout Motto
Boy Scout Motto

Reciter of Scout Slogan -
-Recite and explain the Boy Scout Slogan
Boy Scout Slogan

Reciter of Outdoor Code-
-Recite and explain the Boy Scout Outdoor Code
Boy Scout Outdoor Code 

Boy Scout Sign Demonstrator-
Demonstrate and Expain the Boy Scout Sign,
Salute, and Handshake
Boy Scout Sign, Salute, and Handshake

Good deed-
30 seconds to a minute -tell us about a good deed that you did

Patrol Leader-role will evolve, but for now
when scouts are divided into patrols the
patrols will be named (the scout patrol leader's name) and all scouts will form a line behind
their Patrol Leader.
Plan Den activity
you can use the Bear book as a guide
-plan a 10-15 minute activity(arrive at 6:50 to fully prepare;to ask 
 for volunteers(if needed) and to set up playing area
-explain the activity to the Den
If you need ideas we have many resources, here are just a few.
Keep in mind that from late September through Early March, Our meetings are
completely in the dark, with only a couple of lanterns for light.
No Running Games in the Dark
Tell story, funny joke, etc, for 30 seconds to one minute.
Scout can read it or memorize it
You can get ideas from the Bear book(Tall tales, American history, etc)
If you need ideas we have many resources, here are just a few.
Scary stories not allowed
Tip-Take Deep Breaths before Speaking; more tips here
Hot Seat
Be prepared to fill any role as needed,
in case a scheduled scout misses the meeting
All Scouts will keep in his back pocket a den avtivity and speech to be used at moment's notice.
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