Get to Know You Games

Sit the group in a circle (adults and children). Ask everyone to think of something that they like to do. Then pick someone to start by telling the group for example “I like to swim”. The person to their right will then tell the group what the first person liked and adding what they like to do, for example “Fred likes to swim, I like to walk”. This continues right around the circle until the last person has to say what everyone likes to do.
Other members of the group can prompt by miming the activity if anyone falls into difficulty.


Of course this game can be played by older children, who may turn it into a much more humorous game by making up silly sentences.



Get to Know You - Truth or Lie   Get to Know You - Truth or Lie Activity  

Required: paper and pencil for each scout.
Notes: Icebreaker activity to learn about other scouts in the patrol.
Give paper and pencil to each scout.
Each scout writes down 3 three truths and one lie about himself. Using imagination and coming up with truths that seem farfetched make it more fun.

Once everyone is done, take turns having a scout read off the 4 statements and others guess which is the lie.

Could give 1 point to each scout that guesses the lie and 1 point to the speaker for each scout he fools.
Required: blanket
Notes: Icebreaker activity.
Everyone mingles around the room until the leader calls 'Stop'.
Everyone curls up into as small a ball as possible on the floor, covering their eyes.
The leader covers one person completely with the blanket and then tells everyone else to stand.
The object is to guess who is hidden under the blanket.

Who Am I?   Who Am I? Activity  

Notes: Time filler on long trips or around a campfire.
One scout thinks of someone.
All other scouts take turns asking Yes-No questions trying to determine the identity of the mystery person.
Whoever guesses it gets to think of the next one.