Teaching The Five Senses


"Moon Bird, will you help me write this page on nature awareness owl eyes?"
"Who me? But Bob, I'm soooo busy."
"Busy doing what, Moon Bird?"
"I have an important project I'm working on. I'm getting ready to bake a big batch of chocolate chip cookies."
"But Moon Bird, can't you do that later? After all, you are the moon bird. Right?"
"So they say, but that was way back in the second chapter of our first book, Kamana For Kids Book One: Awareness.

"Yes, Moon Bird, but not everyone has read it. I was hoping you would give us a brief summary now."
"Well ok, Bob. I'll give it a shot. I wish I had some cookies, though. Where should I begin?"
"Tell us about the story."
"The story is about how I was playing a game with Running Deer and was bringing her back live animals, like mice and shrews. It goes on to say how I used my Nature Awareness Owl Eyes to find these little animals. So, there you have it. See you later, Bob"

"Moon Bird, wait! There is a lot more to this story. A lot of people have asked me if you really turned into an owl when you caught those animals. Did you?"
"Bob, its a "story". What do you think?"
"I don't know, Moon Bird. That is why I'm asking."
"I'm not telling."
"Will you at least tell us about Nature Awareness Owl Eyes? That's what this page is supposed to be about, you know."
"Sure, I know that. I can see the headline. OK, Owl Eyes.

It's true that I am named after the owl. This is because I love owls and I have learned to use my eyes in an owl-like manner. As you know owls can move their heads around in a big circle. This is a good thing, because owls can not move their eyes back and forth like we can.

The amazing thing about owls though, is that they have excellent peripheral vision. This means that they can see out of the corners of their eyes very well. This is the secret to their high state of awareness and ability to find food. They can see the movement of small prey animals very, very well. Of course, they can hear very, very well too.

Try it yourself. Hold your arms out to your sides and wiggle your fingers. Relax your eyes and look straight ahead. Without moving your eyes, can you see your fingers moving? This is Owl Eyes. Here is one more amazing fact. When you use your Owl Eyes you become much more aware of the natural world around you. I don't know why it works that way, but I know it does."

"Thank you, Moon Bird. That was a great description of Nature Awareness Owl eyes."
"I've been thinking, Bob. Do you think owls like chocolate chip cookies?"
"I doubt it, Moon Bird. They seem to prefer live animals."
"Too bad. They don't know what they are missing. See you later, Bob. I have work to do.""See you, Moon Bird. Thank's again

"Running Deer, before we talk about Nature Awareness Deer Ears, would you be willing to tell us how you got your name? Many people have asked me about it."
"Well, Barbara, I think you know that my name used to be Rhonda and that I grew up in a large city."
"That's a long way from where you live now. How is it possible that "Rhonda" became "Running Deer"?

"That is a long story, Barbara. There is a lot to explain. It took me many months and years to become comfortable in the natural world. It was a great adventure, each day could be a story in itself. It is hard to know where to start."
"Please just talk about your name, Running Deer. We will save your other stories for another time."

"OK, I will try that. Most people know that I moved to the woods with my husband, Moon Bird. Did you know that his name used to be Marco? That's another story too. Anyway, it took me a long time to get used to the forest. I must admit that at first I was afraid of many things--even the deer! Can you believe it?

I had never seen wild animals before. One day while walking on a trail, a deer bolted up right next to me. I must have jumped two feet off the ground. I ran one way and the deer ran the other way. That was the first of many deer encounters I would have. I don't know why, but for some reason the deer became part of my life.

In time I lost my fear of them. I would spend hours and sometimes whole days watching the deer. I never got too close. I let them have their space. They did not seem to mind me being around. I loved my time with the deer and felt very close to them.

I often watched them feeding in the meadow. The deer would notice the slightest sound in the forest. They were not concerned with the normal sounds like bird song or the wind blowing in the trees. It was the sound that did not fit in which caught their attention. The snap of a twig would cause them to lift up their head and twitch their nature awareness deer ears. A bird alarm would do the same thing. They would listen for the sound of danger and sniff the air.

I learned that the deer sense of hearing is very, very sharp. It is what helps them to stay alive. Of course their sense of smell is very good too. I became more interested in hearing because I found that I could hear some of the same sounds that they could. I started to practice using my own Nature Awareness Deer Ears. In time my sense of hearing improved. I can never hear as good as a deer. What I can do, though, is to use my sense of hearing to help me become more aware of the natural world.

I loved the deer so much and spent so much time with them, that I began to act like them. I walked with them, used my Nature Awareness Deer Ears, and pretended to eat with them. The most fun thing is to run with the deer. I love to run, and when the deer let me run along with them it is a special time for me. So people started calling me Running Deer."

"That's a great story. I am curious about something you said. How did you practice using Nature Awareness Deer Ears?"

"It was easy, Barbara. I spent a lot of time sitting in one spot with my eyes closed or wearing a blindfold."

"What does that have to do with your ears?"

"If I take away my eyes, it helps me to focus on using my ears. I listen for sounds that are far away or close, loud or soft, natural or made by people, and so on. It is all a matter of practice. Anyone can do it!"

"Running Deer you did a wonderful job learning nature awareness deer ears. Does it really work?"

"Does it work? Did you know that while we were talking four different species of birds flew by, a hawk was calling from the ridge, the wind picked up speed a little bit, Moon Bird split three pieces of wood behind the cabin, a predator approached from the north, and two rabbits bolted from cover near the edge of the woods? I heard all that by using my deer ears."

"Wow, it works."
"Sure does."


Racoon Hands - Animals and sense of touch

Use the touch of Raccoons, and experience how animals and sense of touch are so important. Raccoons practically feel their way through the world. They don't have good vision or great hearing, but they have long and amazingly sensitive fingers. They can use them to break into our garbage cans and then feel for the food they want! So while keeping your Owl Eyes stretched and your hearing tuned, feel with your skin.

Feel the clothes on your body. Feel your feet touching the ground. Do you feel heavy? Light? Do some parts of your body feel cold and some warm? Feel the sun on your skin. Feel the wind on your skin. which way does the wind blow? Feel your heart beating.


Dog's Nose - A Heightened Sense of Smell Activity

A heightened sense of smell make us think of dogs you have seen walking down the street, with their noses to the ground, or dodging into every bush, smelling everything as they go. Turn into a dog and pay attention to your sense of smell. Take quick sniffs of the air around you like a dog. What do you smell? Smoke from a fire? The grass or the flowers? Yourself?

Can you smell differently with a long breath than with quick sniffs? Try taking a long slow breath in through your nose. Try sucking in a tiny bit of air through just parted lips. Get down on all fours like a dog, or pick up a leaf or handful of dirt and hold it close to your nose. If it's safe, taste your leaf. What do you smell? Does it smell like it tastes? How would you describe it? What smells hit your nose the strongest? Still keep you Owl Eyes wise and your Deer Ears perked and your Raccoon Touch sensitive!