Website Wish List

  • Reconfigure how the site is laid out, if necessary
  • Flash page / banner for current info, e.g., recruiting event, next activity, etc.
  • Ability to add calendar items to electronic calendars
  • Have a place for families to post input about their experience at an event…and to give rating feedback on how they enjoyed the events\
  • determine how the web site is currently used so as to figure out “hits”
  • perhaps eliminate details from emails and simply provide a link to the website for the information so folks start to rely on the web site more
  • Email accounts that are cub scout names as opposed to personal names
  • if there is a way in the redesign to allow users to post their own photos that would cut down on the administrative needs from just a few people... if you are concerned about quality (or appropriateness) of the pictures, you could have it flag you or someone to approve them before they post.
  • ability for “members” to change their contact information and have it flow through to our distribution lists (private)
  • Have a “recruiting page”

  • Have a place for families to indicate anticipated attendance at events
  • Have a place for families to indicate volunteer sign-up for events and positions
  • Involve the Webelos in the changes?
  • Wiki